Charity Pursuit Race 2018

Race Report Charity Pursuit Race Sunday 4th November 2018
Boat Type Sail No Owner or Skipper TCF Finish
Place Points
Magec X 362 Sport 8436 Mike Garvey 1.000 12:24:46 2:19:46 2:19:46 1 1
Azygos Dufour 40 3373 David Stott 1.000 12:28:00 2:23:00 2:23:00 2 2
Aura X-34 3246 Gwynne Lewis 1.000 12:30:30 2:25:30 2:25:30 3 3
Asante Maxi 1100 9512 Andy Horwood 1.000 12:31:20 2:26:20 2:26:20 4 4
In X Celsis X 119 9863 Peter Jones 1.000 12:32:50 2:27:50 2:27:50 5 5
Active Zeus Sonar 723 Southampton Water Activities Centre 1.000 12:35:59 2:30:59 2:30:59 6 6
Fusion IV Dehler 32 3724 William Bridge 1.000 12:40:54 2:35:54 2:35:54 7 7

With 10 entries and a forecast showing we would have some wind after all we set out on a very damp and misty Sunday morning. The wind was funnelling up Southampton Water at around 150 degrees rather than the 180 at Bramble Bank. I cannot remember a Pursuit race when the direction was so favourable as, with a falling tide and a key mark missing, course setting would have been challenging otherwise.

In the event 7 boats emerged from the gloomy damp drizzle which now enveloped the start near to Hover 2. Active Zeus, the Sonar from SWAC, was first off at 10.05 heading for the windward mark ; Sposa; not one we get to use too often. All got away with Magec and In X Celsis starting 25minutes later. The chase was on!

Though the wind direction seemed fairly constant there were variations on direction and intensity on the way to the windward mark. Those boats that recognised this and trimmed accordingly were richly rewarded. With Magec, who had an early problem with a foresail at the start costing them time, overhauling much of the fleet.

There was a fine weather front coming from the south and we promised racers fair weather at the windward mark and asked for them to bring it back with them when they cameand they did. However, as the front moved across the winddropped and we became anxious about the course length. When 6 kites popped intoview we knew all was well and in amongst them were the white sails of theSonar. The kite leg gave some strategic options but most stayed in with the ebbtide calculating that the extra distance to be sailed by going over to the sideof Soton water would not be offset by speed.

At Hound, the leeward mark, the fleet was closely grouped.The order did not change significantly after that. With the tide ebbingstrongly, all rounded the mark and gathered speed for the next shorter beat.Had Active Zeus been flying a kite it would have overtaken a number of boatsbut even, without it, it still slipped through the dirty air on one boat toimprove upon its position. With Fusion IV taking up the rear we were enteringthe final phases of the race.

With boat speeds picking up it became clear to the RaceCommittee that the finish was going to be at Moorhead, one mark short of theintended course (thought there was provision for a several circuits if the windhad freshened). The first across the line at almost 12.25 was Magec followed 3minutes later by Azygos and Aura 2 minutes later. All finished within a 15minute window. Active Zeus, the only boat under white sails came 6th. We weredelighted to note that one of the crew members racing was from the young carersgroup, supported by our RSYC Trust, and who gave the Code zero trophy on ourbehalf at Cowes.

I think all had a great day. Thank you to my Committee whodid such a sterling job including some outstanding refreshments.

Tony Knight

Race Officer