RSYC Summer Series Race 2

RSYC Summer Series

Race 2

Thursday 4th July 2019


It was a balmy warm summer evening with very little wind forecast but surprisingly, there was 6-8 knots in the lead up to the start time, shifting in direction to settle from 235°.

Six boats came to the line at their scheduled start times for a pursuit race starting from the vicinity of Netley buoy on to a beat to Royal Southampton, a reach to Deans Lake, a run to Hovercraft 1 and a beat with the incoming tide back to Royal Southampton via Netley buoy, three times round.

The start for some boats was a relaxed leisurely affair but all were away cleanly and started round the course in decreasing wind. Some boats found the puffs and others the lulls, and Magec found the muddy bottom (again) off the Netley shore.

At 2000 hrs, the wind on the Hythe shore had decreased to 3 knots and there was very little wind in the middle of Southampton water over to the Netley shore, so the race was shortened at the second rounding of Deans Lake. The finish times have been adjusted to account for the race having to be shortened by more than 15% of the anticipated race time.

Thank you to James and Sandra on the RIB who also acted as the finishing vessel, and to Peter, Sue, Julia and Lisa on The Hound.

We look forward to seeing everyone again for next week’s average lap race.

Tina Scott