Mayflower 400th Anniversary

Royal Southampton Yacht Club is involvedin the planning and organisation of the maritime events to commemorate the anniversary in 2020.

These include:

Parade of Sail in Southampton Water - probably with three Cunard Queens and 20 tall ships along with yachts and other craft taking part

Year 5 on the Water - aim to get every year 5 pupil onto the water with a legacy to continue this each year.

RSYC Mayflower Trail Rally - We hope to have a rally with startingpoints in The Thames and Rotterdam visiting ports on passage to a rally muster in Southampton. After taking part in theParade of Sail and other M400 shore based events the flotilla would depart to Dartmouth and Plymouth taking part in events at those ports. Yachts will beable to join or leave the rally at any point. The probable departure date from Southampton will be August 15, 2020 - the date Mayflower and Speedwell left Southampton 400 years ago.

For more information on the globalc elebrations and history please go to the Mayflower 400 website.

We are seeking help from members to organize and take part in this Rally as part of RSYC Cruisers programme for next year. Please contact Maggie at RSYC itchen to register your interest.