Gins Clubhouse is closed

Anyone familiar with our wonderful Gins clubhouse will know that it regularly closes for a spell in the winter months.

However, some of you may be wondering why this year we've chosen to close Gins within a few weeks of vacating our Ocean Village clubhouse?

There's a good reason for this and we'd like to explain it to you.

The building was officially opened by Lady Montague in 1964, twenty-three years before the Club moved its Southampton base to Ocean Village.

It stands on land generously provided by the Beaulieu Estate.

We have continuously invested in the Clubhouse since it opened; not only in redecoration and refurbishment but also in major projects such as the installation of the passenger lift and flood damage repairs and engineering to provide protection from future exceptional high-waters. 

However, bearing the upkeep of two clubhouses was never easy and some parts of the Gins fabric have never been renewed and have now seriously deteriorated to the point where urgent action is now needed.

In 2014 we celebrated the first 50 years of the Clubhouse.

It is at the core of our plans for the next 25 years of the Club's life.

Vacating Ocean Village was a painful but necessary decision to allow the Club to look to its exciting new future. It is as a direct consequence of that choice that we can now undertake to complete the essential works that will make Gins fit to play its full role in that future.

Closing Gins in December 2018 to allow the works to start means that the Clubhouse will be ready to re-open at the earliest possible date in the spring of 2019.

The Club will be far from dormant whist Gins is closed...

Our 2019 events diary carries one of the fullest ever programmes of activities across every part of the Club be it Cruising, Racing, Social, Dinghies or Dining.

See our [DIARY] page (above) for full details of the programme. 
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