Convivials' Bluff is Called!

The Club's Convivial Evenings are held on the last Friday of each month throughout the year. They're a wonderful way to socialise with fellow members but new and prospective members are especially welcome. See our Diary pages for 2019 dates and venues.

The last Convivial Evening of 2018 was held on Friday 30th November and the next will be on Friday, 25th January 2019 (please see below for more details).

Our final Convivial gathering for 2018 took place at Gins on the last day of autumn and highlighted a special wine tasting competition cleverly orchestrated by George and Simon from the Lymington branch of Majestic Wine.

What a lot of glasses! 

On a starlit evening the drive to Gins through the Forest did not seem too daunting and on arrival our unique clubhouse looked a festive picture, the lighting and table decorations,which included six samples of wines at each place, together with a fulsome menu suggested a very special finale to our Convivial season.

We were not disappointed. The excellent meal was proceeded by a 'Call my Bluff' competition involving sommeliers George and Simon successfully confusing most of us, one describing the correct origin of each wine while the other provided a very convincing but incorrect alternative.

It was a most entertaining and enjoyable event over which the MC had difficulty in drawing to a conclusion but finally decided on joint winners:


The Plonkers


The Walkabouters


Our next Convivial Evening will be at
Simon's at Oxfords, 35-36 Oxford Street, Southampton SO14 3DS
on Friday 25th January 2019

Please arrange your booking with Maggie in the RSYC office as usual.
Phone 02380 223 352