Cadet Dinghy Sailing at Gins


Throughout the Summer season we will be offering Cadet Dinghy sailing at Gins on the Beaulieu river. This is aimed at 8-16 year olds to boost their confidence at sailing. Your child/grandchild does not need any previous experience at sailing, the instructors start from basics and work with each child to make sure they are doing each task correctly and most importantly, safely. 

We offer two day sessions from April through till the end of August on our fleet of Dinghies. The Yacht Club currently have six Picos, two Toppers, two Lasers, a Gull and a Wanderer. The club also has a safety boat which is used for all of these sessions as an extra pair of hands when out on the water. 

The first day usually begins with fun ice breakers so everyone can get to know each other. The instructors then move onto showing the Cadets how to rig the dinghies, they do one example, then its up to the Cadets to rig the dinghies they'll be sailing for the rest of the day. Once all dinghies are rigged up the instructors will move onto showing how to sit in and safely manouver their dinghy.

After this its lunch! The Cadets benefit from a lunch included in the package that is prepared at the Gins Club House by our chef. Once lunch is completed that Cadets get changed into their wet suits and head out onto the water, putting into practice what they learnt that morning. 

On day two the Cadets recap what they learnt the previous day and then head out onto the water again (tide depending) to brush up on their skills. After lunch (included) the instructors introduce some games. This may include racing between boats, 'tag' or 'follow the leader'. 

If the weather is not suitable for sailing, i.e too windy. The instructors will come up with some activities and re-assess the weather situation every hour. Some of these activities may include kayaking, raft building, kite flying, crabbing, Simon says, paddling, human knot, port/starboard or sabotage boat.

26th/27th July 2018
23rd/24th August 2018

For more information or to make a booking, please contact Nikki. 
1 Channel Way, 
Ocean Village, 
SO14 3QF 

Sailing will take place at Gins 
St. Leonards, 
SO42 7XG

*This is not an RYA course, therefore there is not a set syllabus and all of the above is subject to change. Your child will also not receive a RYA recognised certificate, however they will receive a certificate of attendance. *