2018 Summer Series

RSYC Summer Series, Race 1

Race 1 of the RSYC Summer Series 2018 was held on one of the hottest evening of the year as the long heatwave continued into yet another week. Best of all, the wind stayed up from the south-west, only dropping from 12 knots at the start to 7-8 knots by the finish.

The course for the evening’s 1 hour 20-minute pursuit race was a zig-zag configuration from a start line near Hovercraft 2 buoy, down tide to fixed marks on the Hythe shore and back, returning via laid marks on each shore in between. The start sequence lasting 17 minutes started at 19:05 and after a correction to the first mark of the course and the addition of new competitors start times, the ten boat strong fleet were away,beating across Southampton Water, although LucyLuck was out of luck, being called over the line at the start.

Everyone managed to weave their way through a fleet from Netley Sailing Club, out for a local windward/leeward evening race, and return against the increasingly strong ebb to Netley Buoy and round again to Royal Southampton racing mark. By that time, it was 20:15, so a shortened course finish line was set up at Hovercraft 1 buoy and the first boat to finish, Active Zeus, finished just 15 seconds before the target time.

On corrected time, Magec came in first, winning the bottle prize which was presented back in the clubhouse later. Tearaway come in second place, Sparkle was third and everyone reported enjoying the evening’s race in such excellent conditions.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next week for Race 2 of the series, which will be an average lap race.

RSYC Summer Series, Race 2

The RSYC SummerSeries Race 2 was an average lap race at half tide on another warm, sunnysummer evening. Oh, what a heatwavewe’re having! The wind flickered40°-50° during the evening from a direction of 220° to 260°, and some reportedshifts of 60° during the race. There was10-12 knots of breeze to start with, falling to 5-6 knots at times, butmanaging to maintain about 7 knots overall.

A rectangularcourse was set, from a start near Netley buoy, to a beat to R Southampton, areach to a windward spreader mark, then downwind to Hovercraft 1, a fetch to alaid mark downwind of the committee boat, and finally a short beat to the startline and on for another round.

The start wasvery competitive with nearly all boats within a boat-length of the line at thestart. Orion managed a superb start, lining up to cross the start line justone second after the starting signal. And the rest of the fleet were hot on their heels. Playing the shifts was the order of the dayto complete each round in the fastest time. On the first run, the wind had backed more to 220° so the fleet was onstarboard gybe, but the wind veered for the second run and boats were gybingdown to Hovercraft 1.

The whole fleetcompleted 2 rounds and half the fleet managed a third round before the finishwas signalled with the display of flag Foxtrot at 2026 hrs. Back in the clubhouse, the results werecomputed, with podium positions going to R&Win first place, Active Zeus secondand Orionthird. With no representatives of the first twoboats being present, the bottle prize was duly awarded to Orion.

We look forwardto seeing everyone again next week for Race 3 of the series, which will be anotherpursuit race. Competitors are remindedthat start times can vary within the series and are advised to check the ONBbefore the race to confirm their start time.

RSYC Summer Series, Race 3

The third raceof the RSYC Summer Series had to be abandoned when the warm and pleasant 8 knotsouth-easterly dropped away to below 4 knots in the ten minutes before thewarning signal. Flag AP was displayedinstead and everyone waited and watched for more wind. Sadly, it did not develop and wind readingswere being obtained of 0.0-3.9 knots. After monitoring the situation for 20 minutes, it became clear thatthere was no more wind in sight, there was an increasing spring ebb and thepursuit race calculated duration of 1 hour 20 minutes could not be achievedbefore light faded, which would not allow those boats without navigation lightsto sail home safely. The decision had tobe taken to abandon for the evening and Flags N over A were displayed at 2020 hrs.

Next week is anAverage Lap race and we look forward to seeing everyone again for Race 4 in theSeries.