Defibrillator installed at Gins

Cardiac arrest victims now have muchimproved chances of survival, following RSYC’s successful application to theBritish Heart Foundation for a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD).It is now installed and ready for use.

The bright yellow and green unlocked cabinet contains the defibrillator in an orange pouch, and can be found next to the front door at Gins

The defibrillator is a portable device that can be taken to the scene and used by anyone to help restart the heart when someone has a cardiac arrest. This is when the heart stops pumping blood around the body, as a result of which they lose consciousness almost at once.

External instructions on the cabinet are to dial 999 andadvise the nature of the emergency and the location code shown on the cabinet.This triggers an immediate Emergency Response. However clear instructions areprovided for immediate use of the device by any member of the public pendingthe arrival of the paramedics. Training is not essential.

Nonetheless it is important that as many people as possiblemaximise their chances of being able to use the equipment confidently andwithout hesitation. The BHF have therefore also provided a ‘CPR’ (Call PushRescue) training kit which the RSYC will be using to deliver training tomembers, staff, businesses and others in the community. These sessions takeonly half an hour.

Would you please take note of the location of the defibrillator next time you visit Gins and  point themout to others. The more people who are aware, the morechance there is of lives being saved.