Commodore's Charity

The 50/50 Club (formerly the 500 Club) is a fund raising initiative created to benefit the Commodore’s Charity.

Since its launch in 2004 it has generated thousands of pounds for various charities.


The newly established RSYC Trust is to be the Commodore’s nominated charity for the New Year.
Its aim is to encourage greater participation in sailing and associated activities for all age groups in the South of England.
In the coming year the Trust plans to increase the number of dinghies available at Gins Clubhouse and to introduce additional RYA training courses.
Members can support the Trust by attending fund raising events planned for March, April, May and December and by participating in the already established 50/50 Club Draw. This enables members to purchase an individual ticket for £5 a month or multiples of, with the chance of winning a substantial cash prize each month of 50 percent of the total collected, with the remaining 50 percent being donated to the Trust. The Trust will take over the draw in January.
But to participate we need a new direct debit mandate which includes the RSYC Trust’s bank details and which will be sent out shortly. This form also offers the opportunity to authorise the Trust to claim gift aid on this all future donations.

Have you won? For a list of winners, CLICK HERE

To Join: please contact Maggie Puleston 02380 223 352 or email